Scottsdale Public Art and the Scottsdale Firehouse in Troon

– Scottsdale Public Art in Troon –

One of the most interesting and beautiful aspects of Scottsdale, Arizona is the public art one sees all over the city. Keep in mind that Scottsdale is 31.3 miles from the north to the south and 11.8 miles wide.  And Scottsdale Public Art has placed artwork from the top to the bottom of the city.

I was visiting the George “Doc” Cavalliere Park in Troon this morning and noticed an extremely interesting piece of sculpture dangling from the side of Station 14 of the Scottsdale Fire Department.  The piece, named “The Mountain Climber” was created in 1971 by Alan “Dale” Wright who was a prolific and renowned sculptor and artist in the Scottsdale area.

The piece was acquired by Mr. Flip Weber, a local businessman, who had it on the side of his business office at the corner of Pima Road and McDowell Road for many years. He also had another piece by Dale Wright named “Icarus Falling.” Icarus was in the pond in front of his building and The Mountain Climber was on the wall.  Mr. Weber donated both pieces to the city around 2002 and the Mountain Climber was installed on the Firehouse in 2012. Mr. Wright also has a magnificent sculpture called “Don Quixote” that sits in the lagoon area in front of Scottsdale City Hall.

It’s worth a trip to go by the Firehouse and see this magnificent sculpture. The firehouse is located at the entrance to the George “Doc” Cavalliere Park at 27775 N Alma School Parkway, Scottsdale AZ 85262.  While you are there, don’t miss the park itself which is a piece of artwork itself.  It is a great place for a short hike, it has a fabulous playground for youngsters, plus playing fields as well as basketball courts.

Interested in learning more about the permanent art displayed around Scottsdale? Here is a list of the various installations from Scottsdale Public Art I am sure you have seen a few of them as you have traveled around town!

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One Response to Scottsdale Public Art and the Scottsdale Firehouse in Troon

  1. Judy LeMarr July 13, 2017 at 2:05 pm #

    Wonderful little read. The art here truly is a wonder to see and it makes the city feel like such a special place. Sometimes it’s fun to just sort of wander and play the role of tourist.

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