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Animal Blood Bank DonationsThis post is a little different than what I usually talk about, but it hits close to home.

A couple of weeks ago, my beloved dog had to have emergency surgery. He was bleeding out and had lost a large amount of blood. In order to save his life, a transfusion was required.

While I am well aware of human blood banks, I had no idea that blood banks existed for dogs and cats. Well, thankfully they do and because of them, my dog made it through the surgery and recovery.

Animal blood banks can be found all over the United States and it is quite possible that one exists in your community. They are always looking for canine and feline blood that can be used in emergency cases, like in my dog’s situation. The good news for canine blood transfusions is that they are not as complicated as matching human blood, so one donation can work for a large variety of dogs.

If this is something that might be of interest to you and you would consider donating your pet’s blood, I did a little research. Here is some general information to see if your dog qualifies to be a blood donor. Requirements will vary by facility, but these are some good basic guidelines.

The same website has compiled a list of Animal Blood Banks in the United States. If you do not see a location near you, I would simply hop on line and see if you can find a local blood bank.

My dog’s donor was named Macy. Thank you Macy for donating your blood and saving my dog’s life! I am so grateful!

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