Where to Eat in Scottsdale AZ: Culinary Dropout

Culinary Dropout Dining Scottsdale AZI have wanted to go to Culinary Dropout in Downtown Scottsdale since it opened a while back and for some reason or the other, still had not done so until I finally got my chance to do so.  And I am so glad that I did.

We went in for lunch and our server was great about going over the menu and describing all of the different things that they had available as well as pointing out his favorites. He explained that the menu was an all day menu so that what was offered at lunch was the same as what was offered for dinner.

Culinary Dropout PretzelOne of the recommendations to start was the soft pretzels and provolone fondue. It was delicious and it will be hard to go back to the soft pretzels we are all familiar with. Culinary Dropout’s  pretzels were more like large, chewy pretzel bites and they were hot and delicious with just the right amount of sea salt. The provolone fondue to dip the pretzels in was great as well. This starter may have been my favorite part of the meal.  We also ordered a side of roasted beets and they were really tasty too.

I was leaning toward ordering the turkey pastrami sandwich for my main course, but since it comes on a pretzel roll, the server recommended trying the butternut squash cannelloni entree instead. The butternut squash cannelloni was really interesting and good. The cannelloni was stuffed with butternut squash purée and it sat on a bed of sauteed onions, Brussels sprout leaves and mushrooms and a little bit of of a creamy sauce.  I really enjoyed it as it was a departure from what I would normally order.

Culinary Dropout Restaurant ScottsdaleMy dining partner ended up having the seared tuna salad which came with tuna, wasabi peas, cashews in a vinaigrette made with ginger. It was a good sized portion that he said he would order again.

There were a lot of things on the menu that I did not get a chance to try, so I will definitely be making a return visit to Culinary Dropout.

And, if you do not get to Scottsdale that often, they are opening a new location in Phoenix at The Yard (5632 N. 7th Street, Phoenix) on February 11th.

More Information:
Culinary Dropout
– S.W. Corner of Scottsdale Road and Camelback Road
7135 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 125
Scottsdale Arizona 85251

Opens at 11 AM Daily


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