Luxury Home Design Trends for 2012 and Beyond

Home Design Trends 2012 Scottsdale AZThis week at a luxury real estate conference, I was fortunate enough to hear Kay Green of Kay Green Design Inc. talk about the the luxury design trends she and her team are seeing and implementing in their projects.

Below are a few of the many items she shared that may be of interest to you as you work on your own luxury home interior design:

  • Wallpaper is making a comeback. More people are integrating wallpaper into their luxury home design projects. However, it is not the fully wallpapered home of years past. You may just see it on an accent wall or in a powder room. Patterns and more textural finishes are popular. For instance, seagrass wallpaper is making a comeback an can look quite elegant and organic.
  • Colors – Blue or green color palettes are being used more often. Think vibrant blues, like cobalt, for accent areas and touches. Green in any shade is often being integrated into these luxury homes.
  • Applied Moldings – Applied moldings can make a room look very sophisticated and help draw the eye to certain areas. They also provide an architectural detail that can really transform a room.
  • Kitchen Counters – While granite is still popular, she is seeing a lot more bold patterns in the stone, versus the ‘specks’ that have been popular over the last several years. Engineered products, like Silestone, are gaining a lot of ground as well. These surfaces are not porous and are much more uniform in terms of appearance.
  • Green or Environmentally-Friendly Products – Many luxury consumers are looking toward green or “up-cycled” products in their homes to preserve the earth’s resources as well as save money. She termed this “smart and stylish.” Wood products like bamboo and coconut palm are being used more. Low-flow shower fixtures and low water usage toilets are also a draw.  In addition, many new homes are being designed and built with net zero energy use.

As far as the architectural layout of the home, she noted a few trends she has been seeing:

  • Dens – The traditional den is going away in many homes. Wireless Internet access now made it easy for people to work on their computers and tablets anywhere in the home. However for those folk who would like some sort of home office or den area you might see a “his and hers partner desk” to economize on space.
  • Formal Living and Dining Rooms – We’re seeing a movement away from formal living room and formal dining room designs. Great room floorplans open up the living spaces and letting friends and family interact with ease. So rather than three distinct rooms, the great rooms combines the kitchen,  family area dining area into one large and open room.
  • Flex Rooms – Flex rooms allow the homeowner to use the room in any way they see fit. These flex rooms can be anything from a children’s “hang out room”, a family office area, a storage area or even a home gym.
  • Outdoor Living – Especially in areas with great weather, you are seeing more emphasis on combining the indoor and outdoor living. Large glass walls that automatically retract and allow for a seamless transition between the two are seen quite frequently on newer Scottsdale luxury homes. Many homeowners choose to use the same flooring in these areas to make the area appear to be one large combined living and entertaining area.
  • Multi-Generational Living Spaces – One final item is multiple multi-generational spaces being built into or next to the home. These multi-generational spaces are standalone areas where there is a bedroom and bathroom as well as a living area and kitchenette. These can be built as a separate wing of the home  a lower or upper level of the home, or in the case of many hones in Scottsdale, a guest casita. This way, many generations can stay in the home together, yet have their own “space.”

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