The Best Upscale Home Remodeling Projects to Do in 2013?

Home Remodel Projects 2013-Get the Most Value for Your Upscale Arizona Home Remodeling Project-

Every year, Remodeling puts out a Cost vs. Value report that takes a look at the cost of various remodeling projects and the resulting cost that is recouped at resale. The Remodeling 2012-13 Cost vs. Value Report ( report has been published and includes lots of great information for homeowners looking to get the most value out of home projects.

Remodeling has not only taken this data and segmented it by region and by city, but they have also broken out the information out by whether the project was a midrange one or an upscale one.

For the purposes of this post, I looked at the various upscale remodeling projects in the Mountain Region, (which includes Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Albuquerque and more,) to see where homeowners can expect the largest impact.

2012-2013 Highlights for Upscale Projects in the Mountain Region:

  • According to the Cost vs. Value Report, garage door replacement had one of the highest percentage of costs recouped at 68.3%
  • Another area where there were high recoup costs was window replacement. That came in in the 66.0% to 68.4% range depending on what types of windows were used.
  • By creating a “grand entrance,” a homeowner could expect to recoup 58.1% of their costs.
  • It is well known that homebuyers are very interested in kitchens and bathrooms. According to the Cost vs. Value report, a major kitchen remodel (in excess of $100K) could expect to see 59.7% of costs recouped. And for bathrooms? A significant bathroom remodel (in excess of $48K) could expect costs recouped at 56.7%.

Overall, there is some really interesting information included in this report. It is a good guide for homeowners to consult as they consider any major and/or minor home remodeling projects.

Note: If you would like to see the data specifically for Phoenix, you will need to register with Remodeling and then you be able to download the report.
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