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IShopping Scottsdale Marketplace had the opportunity today to stop in and revisit the Scottsdale Marketplace.  I often drive by the store which is located on the southwest corner of Lincoln Drive and Scottsdale Road. Happily, this was the day I took the time to stop.  I am always amazed at how different each visit to the Marketplace is due to the changing items and displays and always look forward to a visit.

The Scottsdale Marketplace is based on a co-op concept of small booths owned by individuals.  There are currently 35 booths, and items for sale range from original art to elegant linens, tableware and jewelry. The variety and depth of the items for sale at the Marketplace blend beautifully, consisting of old, new and vintage items.  I’ve beenAsian Home Decor Scottsdale Marketplace a collector of silver, glass and china for quite some time and always enjoy visiting antique stores and comparing the quality and price of items similar to those I own.  However, I can also find items from post-World War II that are very “art deco” and exude a contemporary flair.

I am always amazed at how beautifully displayed the items are – a true compliment to the owners of the various booths.  I was especially taken with some fabulous Asian items that ranged from small items for the table top to large pieces of furniture.  The owners gather furniture and items from many regions of Asia, but I was told most come from remote provinces of China.  You will find one-of-a-kind items here that will blend beautifully into your interior design plan.

ICustom Pillows Scottsdale AZ Marketplace was extremely intrigued by one area that is filled with nothing but pillows of all shapes and sizes. I was especially taken with the nautical and “Americana” theme they had put together.

My reason for revisiting the Marketplace was to visit the booth called “Reflections of Silver”.  In addition to a beautiful display of old and contemporary silver and silver-plate, they offer the service of restoration of silver items.  I’ve attached a photo of some of their work and am looking forward to the finished product on the item I brought in to be replated.Reflections of Silver Scottsdale AZ Marketplace

Scattered throughout the Marketplace are vendors of new and vintage jewelry, plus one section of items for babies and children. All in all, it’s a wonderful place to visit anytime when you want to be surrounded by beautiful and eclectic items.  It is staffed by the various owners and I have always felt extremely welcome during each of my visits.  I highly recommend you stop in and enjoy the experience.

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