Things to See in Scottsdale AZ: The Frank Lloyd Wright Spire

Scottsdale Frank Lloyd Wright monument Scottsdale AZThe first question you may be asking yourself is, “What is that?” Or, you may have seen this as you drove by the corner of Frank Lloyd Wright or Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This monument, standing proudly in North Scottsdale is the Frank Lloyd Wright Spire. Its bright blue color and textural design really stand out among the more earth-toned desert colors. And, at night, it emanates soothing, blue glow.

The spire itself was conceptualized in the mid-1950’s, but it was not built and completed until 2004 by the City of Scottsdale. The design was part of a proposal for the Arizona State Capitol that was subsequently rejected. (Note: If  you would like to see the proposed and rejected Arizona State Capitol design, you can see a rendering of it at Taliesin West.)

The spire itself is 125 feet tall and is constructed of steel and glass. Large lights inside give off the nightly blue glow.

You can park at the Promenade Shopping Center in which this is located and walk over for a closer look. There are some other art displays to enjoy in the immediate area around the Spire as well.


If you are interested in learning more about Frank Lloyd Wright, travel down Frank Lloyd Wright a little further and visit Taliesin West. You can tour the expansive campus and learn about the design elements first-hand.

Taliesin West can be found at 12621 North Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd in Scottsdale or at the corner of Frank Lloyd Wright and Cactus Road.


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